Being True to Yourself: The Value of Being You

In these current days of time, it is challenging to find your true self no matter what age you are. Being the age of 40 from my life experiences has taught me many lessons that I now pass down to my daughter, friends, and family whenever they need to understand that I have been in the same place where they are now. The value of the lessons and the mantra that I hold dear to is to always be true to yourself. For me, being true to yourself is about sticking to your values and beliefs that makes you the greatest version of you. See, I didn’t say what society thinks you should be or your family or friends. All that matters at the end of the day is that you can look into the mirror without feeling ashamed or having doubts regarding wavering your beliefs and values.  

It has taken a lot of work, time and effort that was poured into you from teachers, community leaders in your neighborhoods, parents, family, friends, bosses, etc. The most important person who took out the time and effort for you to become you, is YOU. So, how could we allow ourselves to be at a point where we are questioning who we are or cannot recognize ourselves when we look into the mirror. With life comes experiences and those experiences bring love, hate, pain, happiness, sadness, high-self-esteem, low self-esteem, and all the ups and downs of living. These experiences of lessons help identify what you will or will not allow and begin to set up values and standards in your life moving towards the design of being true to yourself and value your wellbeing. 

The Value of Being You

There was a moment in my life when I was very, VERY angry. I felt like the odds were not in my favor and I became menacing and chaotic towards others. It was not a great feeling to be in that state of mind of feeling dread all the time and lashing out. It took a special person in my life to point out my behaviors and ask me if this is the person who I want to be. A person who chooses to be angry, unhappy, and put limitations on myself. I knew I did want to be this person and for those who do, my question is why and what has it achieved for you to be that way?

I choose happiness because I wanted to see what type of life would be and the joys that it can bring. I am glad that I did because I love it! It has brought me peace. And we know peace is hard to find. Peace didn’t come easy because I had to create it. I had to remove the negativity out of my life, yes, that means negative thoughts, speech, people, places of employment (I sought employment elsewhere). I do not want to go back to chaos. Nothing came out of those situations from me but a never-ending migraine.

Final Thoughts

Being true to myself is having happiness and peace in my life. I protect it because it is precious to me. I do not waver or let anyone impede on it. What I want all of you to do is find out what being true to yourself means to you and work towards being the better version of you by abiding by those values and beliefs. Everyone’s not the same and it isn’t meant to be. Each of us is unique, and your truth is only designed for you. For those who have already identified their truth, I encourage you to continue to strive to be the better version of self. There are more lessons to learn from the experiences that are on the horizon.

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